Project WHEN is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, founded by Diane Stegmeier, author of The Critical Influence Approach to Effective Work Environments. The organization focuses its research and implementable solutions on all areas of workplace harassment, to include sexual and physical harassment, quid pro quo harassment, microaggression, bullying, job shaming, verbal threats, derogatory comments, discriminating or exclusionary behavior, and other forms of offensive conduct.

Our Research:

Project WHEN’s research examines the correlation between harassment in public and private sector workplaces and the 15 Critical Influences™ impacting workforce behaviors, with a goal of identifying which of those factors can be addressed, and how they can be leveraged, to most effectively encourage and reinforce respectful behaviors. The 15 Critical Influences™ include the following factors: Leadership Behavior; Culture; Rewards & Consequences; Core Values; Organizational Structure; Compensation; Autonomy & Authority; Communications; Vision & Mission; Image; Performance Management; Business Processes; Technology; Knowledge Management; and Physical & Virtual Workplace.

Our Board of Directors:

We’ve amassed a talented group of thought-leaders to guide Project WHEN’s efforts.

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