Resources to Fight Harassment in the Workplace

Resources to fight harassment in the workplace

Project WHEN is a nonprofit organization dedicated to researching, educating, and providing actionable resources focused on preventing and combating harassment in the workplace. 

If you’re passionate about creating more respectful workplaces or have been affected by discrimination, but don’t know what to do next, refer to the resources below as a starting point. 


Awareness Against Harassment Series

Workplace harassment has different manifestations, all of which are destructive and contribute to a hostile work environment. Discussing this subject within your organization may feel uncomfortable or even difficult. 

But we believe that sparking change starts with being aware of what’s wrong and what you can do to address it. Hence, raising awareness is an important part of eliminating harassment. Even if it is perceived that there is nothing wrong with the status quo, being knowledgeable about what could go wrong is the first step toward preventing it.

This series of informative pages were created to educate the public about various types of workplace harassment, how employers can prevent or address it, and what employees can do when it happens.

Click on any of the links below for information on each type of discrimination/harassment.

Age Discrimination

Although society has become more progressive, ageism is still a large issue in work environments everywhere. What does the law say about it? How can we prevent it? These and answers to other important questions here.

Disability Discrimination

Historically, people with disabilities have been deprived of specific human rights, especially the privilege of employment. Today, several laws offer protection for disabled people participating in the labor force. Learn how employers can address disability discrimination in the workplace and employee’s rights under the law.

Sexual Harassment

Arguably the most well-known form of workplace harassment, yet still pervasive throughout the business world.  This page addresses all things sexual harassment, including what the law says, how victims can move forward after an incident, and how organizations can both prevent and address this form of harassment if it happens.

Pregnancy Discrimination

Working women face different forms of discrimination in the workplace, but when they become pregnant, the story swells to a whole new level. This post covers how pregnant women are protected against discrimination under the law, as well as how companies can prevent and address it when it occurs.


Many employees are hesitant to speak up against workplace harassment in fear of retaliation. And employers often fail to realize how their actions can yield serious consequences. As one of the most frequently reported forms of discrimination, how can employees and employers deal with this issue? Learn about this and other facts related to retaliation in this page.

Compensation Discrimination

Decades after the Equal Pay Act was passed, compensation discrimination is still an issue that workers face in many workplaces today. Read this page to know what laws offer protection against wage discrimination and what employers can do to prevent or address it.

How to Report Harassment Incidents

Are you a victim of workplace harassment or a witness to it? Refer to our full guide on How to Report Harassment Incidents. This article provides a comprehensive list of government agencies that US-based employees can reach out to for help.