Get Involved

Get your organization involved:

  • Host a Project WHEN Roundtable for your executive team, HR, Diversity & Inclusion, and compliance leaders, or for your local business community
  • Become a corporate sponsor
  • Make a contribution
  • Book a speaker

Get involved as an individual:

  • Contribute your ideas and energy to help further our mission of making the workplace more respectful for everyone. Project WHEN is looking for passionate individuals that can create relevant content (articles, webinars, etc.) and help get the word out about driving positive change through our places of employment
  • Tell your employer about Project WHEN; ask what your organization is doing to create a culture of respect, mention Project WHEN as a resource
  • Ask your employer to host a Project WHEN Roundtable to begin the dialogue of moving forward NOW
  • Make a financial contribution to help support Project WHEN


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