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Our Partnerships

Project WHEN aims to spread the important message of creating workplaces that are safe and free from harassment. As a 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit, we rely on support from companies and individuals to further our mission and work. 

Along the journey, we have had the opportunity to partner with organizations who share the same passion. More than just monetary support, these sponsors were willing to contribute their time, ideas, and genuine desire to spark change within their workplace or business community, extending to the rest of the world. We are truly grateful to these sponsors for helping us create more respectful workplaces.


Sponsorship Opportunities

Partnering with us can be done in a number of ways. Your support, whatever form it may take goes a long way. If you see great value in what we do, here are the sponsorship opportunities available to you.

Project WHEN Roundtables

Discrimination, bullying, and harassment are sensitive topics for most people and initiating a discussion about it in the workplace can prove to be cumbersome. Project WHEN can work with your organization to facilitate an intimate roundtable discussion with your leadership teams. Organizing a forum where stakeholders can freely express their thoughts and ideas on workplace harassment challenges can be the key to improving work culture.

These events usually weave in an educational component and are also great for industry groups or for a company to put on for peers in their sector or geographic area to talk through trends, challenges, and solutions they’re seeing.

A Project WHEN Roundtable is also a great opportunity for visibility and marketing. Service providers who help organizations through these types of challenges or even those aiding victims of workplace discrimination are able to bring together existing and potential new clients together for an interesting and educational event.


A Project WHEN podcast is in the works and we welcome individuals and members of organizations who wish to impart their ideas through this platform. Share your views, observations, and thoughts about systemic challenges such as workplace discrimination, bullying, and harassment by being a speaker in one of our WHENcast episodes or sponsor an episode or season to either show your company believes very strongly about having a respectful workplace or to alert potential customers to your services.


Financial support from corporations and concerned citizens helps us fund projects like the ones listed directly below. Every dollar has a significant impact in the fight against harassment at work. Want to help us cultivate a culture of respect in our places of employment? Head over to our donation page to make a tax-deductible donation.


Where your money goes

We are working on various projects and programs to emphasize the importance of addressing and preventing workplace harassment. And there is still so much work ahead of us. Your donations are used to fund the following areas.

Resources for Victims and Companies

As a research-oriented organization, one of our goals is to expand our collection of resources to fight harassment in the workplace. We are developing resources to educate the public about the different forms of harassment, help employees and victims learn about their rights under the law, and empower employers to proactively prevent or act against harassment within their organizations.

Training Course

We provide opportunities for individuals to pursue a course certification to become an anti-harassment certified practitioner

Companies can also enroll in the WHEN™ Organizational Certification program where they will gain full advantage of diverse research findings, curated resources, EEOC guidelines, and best practices in preventing all types of workplace harassment and managing workplace change.

Community Outreach

Reaching out to corporations, organizations, and government agencies is one of our priorities. Our hope is to let these entities know about Project WHEN’s existence and work together to drive change and act against workplace harassment.

Victim Support Hotline

A victim support hotline will soon be established to provide assistance to victims of harassment, discrimination, bullying, and violence. 


Call for sponsors

Are you interested in being one of our sponsors? Feel free to contact us and let us know how you wish to partner with us.