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Project WHEN is working hard to make workplaces everywhere more respectful.

Harassment comes in many forms: sexual and physical harassment, bullying, job shaming, verbal threats, derogatory comments, and microaggressions, among others. See how we're helping.

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Let's Talk About Preventing Harassment

Begin the conversation at your place of work or in your business community by hosting a Project WHEN Round Table Session. Let's discuss current challenges and action steps to start making our workplaces more respectful now.

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Project WHEN is dedicated to put an end to workplace harassment, but we can't do it all alone--we need your help! Click below to see how you can contribute to our mission.

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Nobody should have to face workplace harassment, and we’re working hard to make our places of employment more respectful environments, but we still need your help. Whether you’d like to make a financial contribution to support our work, sign the Project WHEN Pledge of Commitment, have your employer host a Project WHEN event, or just join our mailing list to learn of volunteer opportunities, everyone can get involved with Project WHEN!

Our Mission

Elevate awareness of workplace harassment to create a sense of urgency and a call to action for organizations to commit to proactively preventing harassment and fostering a culture of respect in the work environment



  • Contribute to developing a more respectful and productive workplace for all

  • Eliminate the stigma and fear of retribution for people to speak up for themselves and for others
  • Increase awareness of the severity of workplace harassment, and create a sense of urgency for organizations to take action to address the issues surrounding sexual and physical harassment, quid pro quo harassment, microaggression, bullying, job shaming, verbal threats, derogatory comments, discriminating or exclusionary behavior, and other forms of offensive conduct

What Project WHEN is Doing

Our Focus

  • Opening channels of communication in work communities about harassment and actionable steps that can be taken now to make places of employment more respectful for all
  • Creating a forum for people to demonstrate solidarity, and elevate awareness to create a sense of urgency and a call to action
  • Developing effective training, tools, policies, and other resources for organizations to implement to establish a framework for behavioral change
  • Developing practical educational materials for individuals to learn preventative strategies and tactical ‘first responses’ to workplace harassment, gaining confidence
  • Establishing an actionable set of criteria for organizations to adopt and administer to develop a harassment-free work environment
  • Developing, administering, and monitoring a global program for WHEN™ Certification, and enforcing annual tracking of improvement for certified member organizations
  • Benchmarking and sharing best practices to contribute to sustainable results
  • Identifying the root causes of systemic harassment and other behaviors that can create a work environment lacking respect, dignity, pride, and purpose for individuals
  • Research to identify which factors contribute to harassment in the workplace